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Our Tools Clean Your Teeth Better Than Your Tools

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman in dental chair at Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VAMaintaining good oral hygiene has a wide range of advantages. While cleaning your teeth daily at home is the basis of good oral health, you should regularly visit our offices for professional dental cleaning. Sometimes, the cleaning tools you use at home might not eliminate all the bacteria in your mouth, leading to infections and other dental problems. This underlines the importance of having our professionals clean your teeth regularly. Our advanced tooth-cleaning tools will leave your mouth free from any dangerous bacteria. Here are some of the tools we use in our dental offices.


Scalers are essential dental instruments employed to remove calculus and plaque buildup from the teeth effectively. These handheld metal tools feature a pointed end to clean tooth surfaces above the gumline. Additionally, their curved blunt end enables access to areas below the gumline without causing harm to the delicate gum tissue. Our professionals typically use ultrasonic scalers with traditional hand scalers during dental cleanings. Ultrasonic scalers employ high-frequency vibrations to dislodge tartar and plaque while rinsing the mouth with a gentle water spray, ensuring thorough cleaning and enhanced patient comfort.


After removing tartar and plaque from your teeth, our professionals polish them to ensure they are as white as possible. The tool used in this process is known as a polisher. Some of the most commonly used polishers are small rubber cups fitted to a polishing tool and prophy angles. Using a moderate abrasive paste, the polishers buff away irregular areas on your teeth, leaving the surface clean and smooth. This enables gum tissues to attach to the tooth surface. The polishing process is completed after hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling.

Scheduled dental procedures ensure that your teeth are shiny and as white as possible. As a result, it emphasizes the need to have your teeth cleaned by our professionals regularly. While you can clean your teeth using tools like a toothbrush and floss, coming in for professional cleaning is a good idea. Visit our offices for more information on professional dental cleaning and its importance.

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