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Tips to Help Your Kid Brush Their Teeth Daily

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
Tips to Help Your Kid Brush Their Teeth DailyIt is crucial to teach your kids to brush their teeth as early as possible. This will allow them to grow up with better dental health. The problem is that kids can sometimes be stubborn, and it can even take you hours to get them to brush their teeth. So, how can you make it fun for your kids to brush their teeth daily? Here are a few tips that are proven to work;

Use a Soft Toothbrush

When you go shopping for your kids, get them a softer brush that will not injure their gums. Our pediatric dentist advises parents to select toothbrushes with thicker handles as they will be easier for your child to handle. It is also advisable to allow your kid to choose their favorite toothbrush when shopping.

Make Brushing Fun

It is essential to make brushing time fun. Kids naturally love to bond with their parents. Therefore, you can create brushing games and songs that capture their attention. Also, pick the right time of day for them to brush their teeth. If your kid hates brushing before bedtime, you can adjust their brushing time or have them brush before changing to their pajamas.

Buy Flavored Toothpaste for Your Child

Adult toothpaste is not very appealing to children, and it can make them hate brushing. The best way to deal with this problem is to get flavored toothpaste for your kids. You should also allow your kids to pick their favorite flavor, which may include watermelon, strawberry, or bubblegum flavors.

Get Pediatric Help

We invite you to our clinic to check your child's dental health. Our pediatric dentists will provide the best dental care for your child and ensure they use the right tools to clean their teeth.
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