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Teeth Whitening
Richmond, VA

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment from Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VANothing is as charming as a bright smile and Riverwind Dental is here to help you by offering our professional teeth whitening services. The cosmetic procedure not only makes your teeth snow white, but we also take the time to help identify ways to make them stronger and healthier.

Our dental specialists examine your oral health and recommend the most appropriate teeth whitening treatment. If you had neglected your teeth for so long, the discoloration is likely going to be severe, making the procedure intensive.
Teeth discoloration doesn’t necessarily stem from poor oral hygiene. It can come from indulging in various foods and drinks. Our dental professionals remove these stains using different procedures.

Types of Teeth Whitening

If you have discolored teeth, you probably feel self-conscious, particularly when engaging with other people. But there are various procedures you may undertake to whiten your teeth. These are some of the methods our dental specialists use to safely whiten teeth.

Teeth Cleaning

This method is convenient for light stains. Our dental professionals use special equipment to clean your teeth and gums. If you undergo regular dental checkups, teeth cleaning can help sustain your bright smile.

Tray Bleaching

This is one of the quickest and reliable teeth whitening methods. It involves fitting trays with whitening products on your teeth for a certain time. The tray holds the whitening agent, allowing your teeth to interact with the whitening agent, and thus brightening your teeth.

Laser Bleaching

This method is suitable for stubborn stains. The laser activates a whitening agent and removes the stains in a short time. Guards are typically placed over the soft tissues for protection.

Whitening Strips

These strips of whitening material can be placed along your top and lower teeth. The strips are flexible. They need to be fitted perfectly to avoid irritation.

Whitening Toothpaste

Depending on the condition of your mouth, our dental specialists can recommend whitening toothpaste. This procedure doesn’t have immediate results, though.

Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

When you have snow-white teeth, you almost can’t wait for the opportunity to smile or laugh out loud. But then you should maintain good oral health for the sake of living healthy above any other reason. The following are some of the reasons why people whiten their teeth.

Removing Stains

Maybe you have ignored the standard practices of dental hygiene for far too long and now your teeth have lost their white hue and turned yellow. Your toothbrush and regular toothpaste cannot eliminate the stains. Also, certain foods and drinks like wine, soda, and coffee usually cause teeth discoloration, and the condition gets worse over time. In this case, you might need our teeth to be professionally cleaned, too.


Generally, the older you get, the more your teeth get burdened because of your habits. And so, you might need a professional teeth whitening procedure to reverse the effects of aging.


If you like smoking cigarettes, the smoke can be easily trapped by your teeth, leading to discoloration. It would take a professional whitening procedure to make your teeth white.

Our dental specialists have several procedures for eliminating teeth discoloration safely and quickly. Visit Riverwind Dental today to get your teeth whitened, or call us at (804) 280-0853 to schedule an appointment.
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