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All You Need To Know About Broken Wisdom Tooth

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
All You Need To Know About Broken Wisdom ToothThere are several potential causes for damaged wisdom teeth, including decay and the tooth's angle. The third molar cannot fit in your mouth because there is not enough room for it, and another tooth is currently filling the area. Consequently, your wisdom teeth will develop at an abnormal angle and may even shatter as it emerges.

A wisdom tooth chipped or fractured is at an increased risk for decay and infection. It might be challenging to thoroughly clean one's wisdom teeth because of the position of these molars. This allows germs and food particles to accumulate around the molar. As a result, it can be harmful if you have a broken wisdom tooth.

A Dentist Can Treat A Broken Wisdom Tooth

Your wisdom teeth might get infected with germs and decay if it has a hole or fracture. As a direct consequence, a cavity in a wisdom tooth could form. Due to this, it will be very hard to clean the fracture, there is a possibility that an infection may develop. Your dentist should be able to assist you to overcome any problems that you are having with your teeth.

Therefore, if you are experiencing pain, visit the dental clinic that is conveniently located near you. If necessary, the dentist will take x-rays of the mouth to devise a treatment strategy. The doctor could recommend oral drugs such as antibiotics and pain relievers. In most cases, wisdom teeth removal is necessary when the molar has sustained significant damage. Your oral surgeon will evaluate your condition and advise you on the therapy most suited to your needs.

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