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Differences Between Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Little girl in dental chair at Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VAEver wondered why your gums sometimes feel a bit off? Gingivitis and periodontitis might sound like complex dental jargon, but understanding the differences between the two can empower you to take charge of your oral health. Here, we unravel the mystery of gingivitis and periodontitis in a way that speaks human!


Picture this: your gums are feeling a bit tender, with maybe a touch of redness. That is gingivitis waving its first flag. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, often a result of plaque buildup. The signs are subtle but crucial: 1) Bleeding Gums - You might notice a bit of blood while brushing or flossing. It is like your gums are sending an S.O.S., saying, Hey, something is not right! 2) Swelling and Redness - Your gums might look a tad puffy and redder than usual. It is the body saying, We have got inflammation over here! 3) Bad Breath - Ah, the not-so-friendly reminder. Gingivitis often brings along persistent bad breath, like a not-so-welcome guest at a party.


If gingivitis is a gentle tap on the shoulder, periodontitis is a firm shake. This stage means the infection has progressed, impacting the supporting structures of your teeth. Here is what you might experience: 1) Receding Gums - Your gums start to pull away from your teeth, creating pockets where bacteria throw a wild party. Not cool. 2) Tooth Mobility - Ever felt your teeth wiggling a bit? That is not a good sign. Periodontitis can lead to tooth mobility, indicating damage to the bone. 3) Pus Between Teeth - Yes, you read that right. Pus is never a good thing, especially when it starts making appearances between your teeth and gums.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis is like having a superhero guide to your gums. Catching gingivitis early puts you in control, preventing its serious sibling, periodontitis, from crashing the party. If your gums are trying to tell you something, listen! Schedule a dental checkup with our office and keep your gums in their superhero shape.

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