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Are Dental Implants Common?

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Riverwind Dental
Dentist showing dental implant to patient at Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VAThe application of dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth has become increasingly viable and reliable worldwide. Also referred to as mandibular implants, these artificial tooth roots, including crowns, bridges, and fake teeth, are held in place by them.

Natural Appearance and Texture

Dental implants imitate natural teeth in both appearance and function. The fixed artificial teeth fitted onto the implants are designed explicitly for the cosmetic effect to harmonize with the patient teeth to create a natural smile.

Extended Durability

Implant-supported teeth are known to have long-term durability. If the implants are correctly cleaned with regular dental checkups and appropriate oral hygiene, they can last for years - even a lifetime.

Greater Capabilities

Therefore, dental implants are more stable and efficient than conventional removable prostheses. Since they are securely anchored onto the jaw bone, patients can comfortably eat, speak, and continue their normal daily activities.

Maintenance of Jawbone Structure

The jawbone functions with implants as if they were natural teeth. This prevents bone loss, which occurs when teeth are lost or the jaw bone does not get enough stimulation.

Increased Comfort

The discomfort and necessary adjustment of wearing removable dentures are eliminated by installing dental implants. The feel of implant-supported prostheses is more natural-feeling than that of conventional dentures, and there is no discomfort or slippage.

High Rates of Success

The discovery of the results of dental implant procedures is based on technical and practice developments. When administered by skilled and knowledgeable dentists, there are higher chances of success.


Dental implants are ideal for replacing a single lost tooth, a couple of missing teeth, or even a complete set of teeth. They provide a wide range of flexible applications depending on the extent of tooth loss.

Dental implant surgery is widely used, but not everyone is a candidate for it. The suitability of dental implants may also depend on the overall health, density of the jawbone, and oral hygiene of the patient. Contact us today to join the movement toward a healthier and brighter smile with dental implants.
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