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The Importance of Routine Dental Checks And Cleanings

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Evan
The Importance of Routine Dental Checks And CleaningsDental cleanings are preventive care that helps avert suffering from various dental issues. Cleanings are a line of defense and you should take them seriously. Our dental team recommends scheduling regular dental checkups and annual cleanings. Checkups and cleanings remove plaque and tartar to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Here's why you should schedule regular visits to our dentist for a professional cleaning.

What Does a Dental Cleaning Entail?

Our dental specialist will assess your oral cavity before recommending the procedure. They will physically examine your neck and mouth to spot lymph nodes and cancerous growth. The dentist will use a mirror to examine your teeth and gums for cavities or inflammation. If you have gum disease or oral cancer, our team will refer you to a professional for further evaluation and treatment.

Reduce the Risk of Gum Disease

The cleaning process involves scrapping off the tooth surface to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup. Tartar is a layer of mineralized plaque that covers the tooth's enamel. It can irritate the gum tissue and trigger enamel erosion.

Professional cleaning is the only effective method of removing plaque and tartar. Eliminating the buildup prevents gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

Oral Cancer Prevention

The initial checkup may find signs of cancerous growth. The American Cancer Society points out that there are approximately 54,000 new oral cancer cases annually. If untreated, oral cancer can spread to other parts of your mouth and body.

A dental evaluation can detect the earliest symptoms. Our dental team can provide a safe and effective treatment. If oral cancer is at an advanced point, we will recommend you to a specialist.

Boost Your Overall Dental Health

Your teeth' condition can impact your self-esteem and social well-being. Routine checkups and dental cleanings eliminate tartar buildup and enhance your teeth's appearance. Our dental specialist can create a treatment plan to restore your teeth's aesthetics and boost your confidence. Visit our dental team if you have not received a checkup and cleaning for the last six months.

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