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Periodontal Care
Richmond, VA

Diagram of a healthy tooth and one in need of periodontal care at Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VAThere are certain things you must do to avoid periodontal disease and the experts at Riverwind Dental are here to help! Periodontal disease is a serious oral health disorder that can lead to tooth loss and should not be ignored.

According to the CDC, an estimated 47% of adults in America are battling some form of periodontal disease. This disease usually affects the gums and jawbone. The main cause of the periodontal disease is a buildup of dental plaque.

Our dental specialists can help you overcome the periodontal disease. If you have poor dental hygiene, you have the highest risk of developing this condition. The periodontal disease advances through four stages, and only one stage can be reversed.

Stages of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is caused by the buildup of dental plaque and tartar in the teeth, but some factors worsen the symptoms and also reduce the effect of the treatment. The following are the four stages of periodontal disease.


This is the only reversible stage of periodontal disease, and this is because the bones are not attacked yet. The early stages of periodontal disease can easily escape your attention, which is what makes periodontal disease pretty dangerous.

Slight Periodontal Disease

At this stage, the infection has spread to the bone and began destroying the bone. The disease cannot be reversed, but it can be managed. The biggest signs of this stage are bad breath and swelling gums.

Moderate Periodontal Disease

At this point, the buildup of dental plaque and tartar is enormous, and the disease attacks both bones and the immune system. The symptoms of stage two (swelling gums, red gums, bad breath) get even worse. The condition can be managed by deep cleaning.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

At the final stage, you experience severe pain when chewing. Also, you experience the following symptoms: red gums, pus-filled gums, shifting teeth, and halitosis. At this point, it may take periodontal surgery or periodontal laser surgery to clean the bacteria-filled pockets. If the condition is not treated, it can lead to loss of teeth, and it can also increase your risk of developing heart disease.

Deep Cleaning is Essential

Professional dental cleaning is one of the best remedies against periodontal disease. The type of cleaning depends on which stage of periodontal disease you are battling. For instance, if you have stage two or stage three periodontal disease you require extensive root planing.

Root planing eliminates the pockets of bacteria in your teeth, putting a stop to tooth decay. Our dental professionals typically recommend more procedures to restore your teeth to full health. When your teeth have been severely damaged by bacteria, you have to get them scaled and root planed frequently because damaged teeth are more vulnerable to bacterial activity than healthy teeth.

Taking Care of Your Oral Health

You have a major role to play in overcoming the periodontal disease. Our dental professionals not only perform restorative dental procedures, but they also guide you in taking care of your teeth daily so that you maintain higher levels of oral health.

Periodontal disease can be managed through scaling, root planing, and various restorative procedures. Our dental specialists help you overcome your gum disease regardless of the severity. Contact Riverwind Dental at (804) 280-0853 to see what kind of periodontal care we think would be best for you.
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Periodontal Care - Riverwind Dental - Dentist Richmond, VA
Routine periodontal care is important to maintain your oral health, and the experts at Riverwind Dental are here to help! Call us today to schedule an appointment.
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