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Root Canal
Richmond, VA

Diagram of tooth showing tooth root for root canal treatment from Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VARoot canal treatment involves removing bacteria from the root canal and performing a restorative dental procedure. Contact Riverwind Dental to learn more about root canal treatments and how it is one of the best treatments for relieving pain and saving your natural tooth.

Our dental specialists usually recommend root canal treatment if you have a cracked tooth or a serious dental injury. Dental injuries or excessive tooth decay can cause the infection of the pulp, causing your teeth to be particularly sensitive to hot and cold stimuli.

Root canal treatment, or endodontic treatment, involves cleaning up the root canal, and then filling out and sealing the space. You may also get a dental crown to restore your tooth to normal functioning.

Root Canal Procedure

When the pulp is damaged, it can lead to an infection, worsening tooth damage. The root canal treatment is aimed at eliminating bacteria in the root canal, thus getting rid of tooth sensitivity and pain.

Our dental professionals first take a radiograph to determine whether the infection has reached the surrounding bone. Anesthesia is used to make your tooth numb. A rubber dam is also used to make your tooth free of saliva.

A hole is drilled into your tooth, and the pulp and bacteria are removed using canal files. The debris is flushed away with water or sodium hypochlorite. After the pulp and bacteria are removed, the tooth is then sealed.

Is Root Canal for Me?

When you come to our dental specialists, they examine your teeth and tell you whether you need the root canal treatment. This procedure eliminates bacteria from your root canal and preserves your tooth.

Most people who require root canal treatment usually start by experiencing difficulty chewing. The pressure applied on teeth extends to the inflamed pulp, causing them to experience sensitivity or pain.

If you have problems with your root canal, you may also experience tender and swollen gums, or you may get pimples on your gums. The root canal treatment can help strengthen your gums and get rid of the pimples in your gums.

When you have severe tooth decay, the decay usually extends to your root canal, causing you to experience tooth sensitivity and pain. The root canal treatment helps eliminate the bacteria build up in the root canal, thus effectively eliminating pain and sensitivity.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

This treatment has numerous advantages. It is performed relatively quickly, and the patient feels no pain thanks to anesthesia. The following are some of the benefits of root canal treatment:

Efficient Chewing

When your root canal is stuffed with bacteria, you are going to experience tooth sensitivity and pain, especially when you chew. But this treatment removes bacteria from your root canal, thus you won’t struggle to chew.

Natural Appearance

An inflamed pulp promotes tooth damage, which leads to further destruction of the tooth structure, but this treatment puts a stop to further damage of the tooth, thus preserving the appearance of the natural tooth.

Strengthens Jaws

An inflamed pulp causes you to experience oral pain. And this pain can be very constricting as far as putting your jaw to use. But then the root canal treatment relieves you from pain and allows you to exercise your jaws as forcefully as you want to.

Root canal treatment is critical for eliminating an infected pulp and preserving the natural tooth. Visit us at Riverwind Dental to find if root canal treatment would be right for you. You can contact us at (804) 280-0853 to schedule an appointment today.
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Root canal treatment eliminates infected pulp and preserves natural teeth. Visit us at Riverwind Dental to learn more about root canals. You can also call us at (804) 280-0853 to set up an appointment.
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