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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
A woman with impacted wisdom teeth holding her head in pain at Riverwind Dental in Richmond, VA

Why are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Your wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, generally come in before age 25. You have four of them in the back corners of your mouth - two on the top and two on the bottom. For some individuals, the wisdom teeth erupt without any problems. However, others may have problems if the wisdom teeth cause crowding, become impacted, or erupt in an improper position. In such cases, patients will need to undergo a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth.

Potential Complications for Wisdom Teeth

Dr. T. James Dix will take note of the following as your wisdom teeth come in:
•  If your wisdom teeth aren’t in the correct position they can trap food particles, creating a space where cavity-causing bacteria can grow more easily.
•  When wisdom teeth don’t come in properly, flossing between them and the adjacent molars is more difficult.
•  If your wisdom teeth only come partially through the gums, bacteria can enter into the gums and cause infection, as well as swelling, stiffness, and pain in the jaw.
•  When there isn’t enough space for your wisdom teeth to come in, they might crowd or cause damage to the surrounding teeth.
•  If a wisdom tooth is impacted, it can form a cyst on or close to the impacted tooth. Cysts can damage the roots of your surrounding teeth and break down the bone that supports them.

When are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Necessary?

If you visit our office for a check-up exam once every six months, Dr. T. James Dix can effectively monitor the development of your teeth. If the dentist finds something problematic about your wisdom teeth, we’ll look further, take X-rays, and discuss possible treatment options.

Wisdom teeth are generally taken out when we notice signs of:
•  Healthy teeth close to your wisdom teeth that could suffer damage
•  A high chance of impacted teeth
•  A high chance of infection
•  Tumors or cysts

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Can Prevent Future Problems

If your wisdom teeth become impacted, we can avoid future dental problems if we remove them. It’s worth noting that patients who opt for wisdom teeth removal rarely have any serious complications. Predicting future problems is nevertheless difficult. However, if you get your wisdom teeth extracted, you’ll have much healthier teeth down the line. Consider the following:

•  Wisdom teeth can still carry disease even if they show no symptoms
•  If your wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to erupt, it’s often difficult to access and clean them
•  Younger adults are at a reduced risk for serious complications with their wisdom teeth
•  Older adults can have difficulty during surgery and complications after surgery

After the Surgery

Usually, a follow-up appointment after wisdom tooth extraction surgery is not necessary unless you experience complications. Examples of these complications include chronic pain, numbness, swelling, or bleeding, which can indicate an infection or nerve damage. We might also call you back in to remove your stitches, as they are not dissolvable. If you have any other problems, contact us immediately so we can determine a fitting treatment option.

If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth, call us today at (804) 280-0853.
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Impacted Wisdom Teeth | Riverwind Dental | Richmond, VA dentist
If Dr. T. James Dix finds something problematic about your wisdom teeth, we’ll look further. If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth, call Riverwind Dental today.
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